Work done After Mid-Term Evaluation

Hello there!

Officially, gsoc 2012 is going to end so, here is a quick update on the work done after mid-term evaluation. There were lots of small but challenging features of which, some of them are worth to mention below:

1. Storing multi authors information : composer.json contains array of authors. So, for storing in the db, I had to create one factory class which handles all these tasks (check the last few words)


2. Categorization : By using this feature, we can categorize out extension in different categories. During extension approval, admin would be responsible for assigning a predefined category to submitted extension.

3. Keywords : composer.json of each extension contains one "keyword" field. by using the keywords and proposed download counter, we can short extensions in most downloaded keywords order.

4. Uploading and showing snapshot of extensions by fetching image URL from composer.json.

5. Generating pakage.json This was the most important feature because without this one, we cannot define our proposed as composer repository.
        Basically, composer installed in user's app will look into this file for confirmation if requested package is available or not on repo.

6. Sending mail After submission/approval of extension.

7. Disqus commenting system.

8. Search form  on extension landing page based on name/keywords/category/silverstrip compatibility. I created using scaffolding CMS search.

9. Recently submitted extensions  which later will be shown in showcase/gallery after theme work.

10. Unit test  For important classes. It is not in very good shape now but we will improve them.

11. SVN Repositories : Tested and working fine with SVN repositories.

12. demo site

13 : Continuous integration : 

14. Lots of code cleanup took place. as a result, the code written before mid-term is now stable and optimized now.

        I was facing some minor issues (see Issue queue) plus some features still need to be implemented. Few test cases are left after which, they will be completed.

As Thomas Jefferson said:   "When you reach the end of your rope, tie a knot in it and hang on"

Just like that my part is not going to be limited with the gsoc completion. You can still find me hanging around this project.

Thanks !